May 8, 2018

Orange County

Voice of OC’s Santana: Who really runs the OC Fairgrounds?

The latest controversy at the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa, over the raucous debut of a proposal to shelve a seven-acre, longtime community equestrian center on the fairgrounds in favor of RV parking, has triggered a much more fundamental, longstanding and never-answered question about the OC Fairgrounds.


OC Tribune: A second try at a “West Grove” district

Also on the agenda is the second reading of the ordinance giving final approval of development of the “rusty skeleton” on Garden Grove Boulevard (near Brookhurst Street) as a mixed-use project primarily devoted to senior citizen housing


Fullerton Observer: $3.1 millon in “gas tax” funds to improve Fullerton’s roads through 2019

SB1 funds will also go toward various state transportation infrastructure projects including highways and bridges. Presumably, Fullerton residents, in addition to driving on local roads, will also be driving on county and state roads, and will thus reap those additional benefits.



LA Times: Sen. Kamala Harris to skip UC Berkeley commencement in support of striking workers

UC’s largest employee union, the 25,000-member American Federation of County, State and Municipal Employees Local 3299, launched a three-day strike Monday and had earlier called for a speakers’ boycott.


Capital & Main: Reality Check: CalChamber’s “Job Killer” bills actually create jobs

Since the climate laws have been in effect, California’s economy outpaced the nation’s by seven percent between 2008 and 2016. That economic growth would seem to contradict the California Chamber’s 2012 claim that California “can’t be a leader in the global economy if it interferes in the global marketplace.”



Associated Press: US job openings equal unemployed for 1st time in 2 decades

If you’re looking for a job right now, this may be about as good as it gets: There are roughly as many open jobs in the United States as there are unemployed people.


OC Register: Russians will hack again in 2018 midterm elections. Here’s how local officials are preparing

Office emails are being encrypted and networks buttressed. Election employees are randomly being mock phished to see if they’ll fall for simulated online invaders. Federal officials are being invited to inspect and test the region’s many voting systems.


Publication Date: May 8, 2018