June 7, 2018

Orange County

Voice of OC: Tim Shaw likely faces Chaffee or Kerr in OC supervisor runoff

“It’s in the hands of the citizens of north Orange County, and I have a lot faith in them,” Kerr said. “We put forth our best effort, and we’re just very appreciative of the support we had from the community, and the awesome volunteers…It was amazing.”


Daily Pilot: Fountain Valley OKs fountain revival plans and $121.7-million city budget

The Fountain Valley City Council approved $235,600 in contracts Tuesday to bring the City Hall fountain back to life. It also passed a $121.7-million city budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year.


OC HCA: Avoid the “West Nile” bite this summer

The best way to avoid West Nile Virus this summer season is to prevent mosquito bites. When spending time outdoors, use insect repellent with DEET, mosquito-proof your home and eliminate standing water. Learn how you and your family can take cation to fight the bite.



Teamsters: 260,000 UPS workers ready to strike for better contract

United Parcel Service (UPS) workers have given their union the go-ahead to call a strike in what would be their first walkout -- and one of America's most far-reaching picket lines -- in decades. The vote gives union negotiators more sway in contract talks with the shipping giant.


Labor 411: Prevailing wage repealed in Michigan

In the latest blow for organized labor, Michigan’s prevailing wage law, which requires union scale wages on public construction projects, was repealed by Republicans in the Michigan Legislature on Wednesday.



Sacramento Bee: Rent control, data privacy and gas taxes for roads: Get ready for the next election

A new measure, sponsored by a trio of Bay Area business professionals, would require big companies to disclose what information they gather, explain how they share or sell it, and give people the right to block the spread of their personal data.



Associated Press: For CEOs, $11.7 million a year is just middle of the pack

For the first time, the government required companies to show in their annual proxy statements just how much more bosses make than the typical employee. The typical CEO made 164 times the median pay of their employees, according to Equilar’s analysis.

Publication Date: June 7, 2018