August 6, 2018

Orange County

OC Register: Fast-moving Holy Fire breaks out near Trabuco Canyon

Firefighters were battling a brush fire that broke out in the Trabuco Canyon area Monday afternoon, and spread to more than 100 acres, officials said.


Voice of OC: Supervisors’ secret policymaking is updated amid legal questions

The issue centers on “ad hoc” committees, in which supervisors appoint two of their five members to meet in secret on a particular policy issue – like mental health services, overhauling the county Civic Center, and general county real estate issues.


OC Register: Orange County must shelter 1,550 homeless people, judge says

Orange County cities got their marching orders for dealing with the area’s homeless crisis at a court hearing on Friday, Aug. 3.


OC Register: Median home price surpassed $1 million in 16 Orange County ZIPs. That’s double in a decade!

Just how many is that? Well, a year ago, there were just 11 ZIPs zips with a seven-figure median. And a decade ago, 2008 started with just seven million-dollar ZIPs.



OC Register: Disneyland’s $15-an-hour labor deal is a win for workers everywhere

The added significance of this "stunning pay" is that this involves a closely-watched corporate icon that has been a managerial trendsetter. Workers everywhere — from other unions to individual employees to other Disney employees — should feel empowered to nudge bosses on pay.


The Root: Black man who filmed Latino workers striking is fired from his job, regrets nothing

“Everybody wants to move as one. That’s why you look at the comments [on the video] and see black people saying, ‘Yeah, that’s what we need to do,’ said Antoine Dangerfield, the man who shot the video.


LA Times: Gig-economy giants asks the state to save them from a ruling turning contractors into employees

In the months since, business leaders have been pleading their case to state officials including members of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Cabinet, Brown’s presumed successor Gavin Newsom, and members of the state Legislature.


Publication Date: August 6, 2018