Political Action Committee (PAC)

OCEA has one purpose—to provide advice and advocacy that advances the interests of working people and their families. Part of that mission includes providing guidance and analysis to OCEA members when elections could have a negative or positive impact on their family’s security.

After careful analysis, the OCEA Board of Directors will sometimes weigh in to support candidates for public office who have demonstrated they support the values of working people and initiatives that would strengthen protections or improve the lives of OCEA members.

Conversely, the Board will sometimes vote to oppose candidates or initiatives that would attack the rights, hard-earned benefits and dignity of working people.

The OCEA Political Action Committee, which is governed by an 11-member executive committee comprised by County and Court workers, periodically provides financial support for those candidates. Participation in the PAC is optional for OCEA members.


OCEA Political Action Committee Executive Board

Russell Baldwin

OCEA Board Member | OCEA PAC Member

Russell, a Senior Forensic Scientist at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, was hired in 1990. He joined OCEA the same year, becoming a steward from 1998 to 2007, and again in 2013. He was a Board member from 1997 to 2007, and again in 2013. He is a member of OCEA’s legislative and retirement committees. He has been a member of many OCEA bargaining teams, and is a recipient of OCEA’s President’s and Perfect Attendance awards. At his agency, Russell was a member of the OCSD Labor Management Committee and organized successful inequity adjustments for forensic scientists. Russell currently serves as a general elected member of the Orange County Employees Retirement System Board where he completed previous terms of service from 2006 to 2012.

Teresa Garcia

Trustee of the OCEA Health & Welfare Trust | OCEA PAC Member

Teresa is a Clinical Social Worker II at Health Care Agency. She was hired by the County in 1999 and became an OCEA member the same year. She is an active steward. Teresa has participated on the OCEA Bargaining Team, phone banking, Health Fair and OCEA Facebook page.

Patty Hernandez

OCEA Board Member | OCEA PAC Member

Patty works as a Data Entry Technician for the Orange County Probation Department and has been an OCEA member since 2001. When she became a Steward in 2010, she took on the role of activist. She supports her labor brothers and sisters marching in the annual OC Labor Federation May Day event and demonstrates on behalf of unions fighting for the rights of working families. Patty phone banked for worker friendly candidates helping California secure a super majority in the Capitol. She walked precincts in Costa Mesa, helping to defeat union busting efforts there. In recognition of her activism, Patty was named Orange County Labor Federation Delegate of the Year at the 2017 labor federation’s Solidarity Awards. She joined OCEA’s Political Action Committee last July and appointed to OCEA’s Board of Directors on Sept. 19, 2017.

Henry Leber

OCEA Board Member | OCEA PAC Vice Chair

Henry, a Sheriff’s Special Officer II at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, was hired in 1990. He has been an active OCEA member since 1996 and became a Steward in 2008. He currently serves as chair of OCEA’s Peace Officer Protective League and secretary of the SSO bargaining unit. He is active in the Peace Officers Research Association of California, ensuring OCEA’s law enforcement professionals have a voice at the statewide level. Henry decided to join OCEA after watching county managers launch repeated attacks on its workers. He concluded that the only thing stopping the Board of Supervisors from eroding pay and taking away benefits is OCEA’s members, staff, and leadership. He has served on the Board since October, 2017 and spends countless hours along with his fellow board members advocating for OCEA members and fighting for the fair wages and benefits we deserve.

Jennifer Morgan


Jennifer is employed in the Superior Court as a Superior Court Clerk II. She has been employed in the Court since 1999, and she joined OCEA immediately after being hired. Jennifer is closely involved in OCEA activities as one of our Court members.

Lezlee Neebe

OCEA President | Chair of the OCEA Health & Welfare Trust | OCEA PAC Secretary

Lezlee, a Court Clerk III at Orange County Superior Court, was hired in 1992. She joined OCEA on her hiring date, becoming a steward in 1994 and a Board member in 1995. She currently serves as OCEA President; a trustee of the OCEA Health & Welfare Trust; on the OCEA Political Action Committee; and as a Vice President on the Orange County Labor Federation Executive Committee. As union President, Lezlee serves as an ad-hoc member on all OCEA committees, including OCEA’s external communications (chair), budget & finance, catastrophic employee leave, communication, legislative, political action (Executive Board) and scholarship committees. She previously served as OCEA First Vice President. She has been a member of many OCEA bargaining teams.

Chris Prevatt

OCEA Secretary | OCEA PAC Treasurer

Chris, a Program Supervisor I at Orange County Health Care Agency, was hired in 1997. He joined OCEA in 2000, becoming a steward in 2006 and a Board member from 2007 to 2009. He was reappointed in 2011. Chris is also chair of OCEA’s Legislative Committee, serves on the retirement committee, and is a general elected member of the Orange County Employees Retirement System Board. He has twice received OCEA’s President’s Award. At his agency, Chris is a co-team leader of the HCA Labor Management Committee and chair of the LMC’s subcommittee on workplace enhancements and cost savings.

John Sincock

OCEA Board Member | OCEA PAC Member

John is a Safety and Training Officer at CEO/Risk Management. He was hired by the County in 2002 and became an OCEA member in 2003. He began serving on the Political Action Committee in May, 2016. Previously, he helped fight the illegal layoffs of OCEA members in Costa Mesa and against Prop. 32—an anti-union initiative on the statewide ballot in 2012. John was very active during the 2016 campaign as well. He understands the role and the contributions of the Labor Movement in our country to advancing social justice and equality. He especially appreciates the positive impacts unions have had on the wages of all workers. John says that working families—now more than ever—have to defend their right to bargain collectively for the fair wages and benefits that protect working families.