OCEA member's November General Election Voter Guide

Election Day is almost here. Vote-by-mail ballots are in mailboxes now, and election day is Nov. 6, so we wanted to share a short list of OCEA-endorsed candidates in the upcoming November General Election—candidates who have demonstrated they have stood with working families like yours.

The OCEA Board of Directors has an obligation to evaluate political candidates based on their support for issues that impact you and your family’s economic and job security. That means candidates that support working families, retirement security, public service and oppose outsourcing. You can review the Voter Guide compiled by your co-workers on the OCEA Board here. We understand if you have different factors that contribute to your decision making. This guide is intended to share recommendations based on issues that impact your economic and job security.

If you need to know if you’re registered to vote or to find your polling place, go to www.OCVOTE.com to learn more. If you would like to help these OCEA-endorsed candidates get elected, please sign up to get involved at www.ocea.org/getinvolved.

Publication Date: October 12, 2018