SSO PDQ Update: Nov. 4, 2023

Dear OCEA member,

Nov. 4 Update: Several members have reached out to report they did not receive the PDQ. Typically, when PDQs are performed across County agencies, they are sent to a subset of employees in that agency meant to capture the variety of assignments and duties performed in each classification. For those selected, it is critical to complete your PDQ in a thorough and accurate manner. That's the only way your classification can be matched as closely as possible to a similar position in the competitive labor market.

If you did not receive a PDQ, please try and collaborate with individual(s) in your classification who received one if possible.

Nov. 3 Update: You were recently sent a Position Description Questionnaire by the Sheriff’s Department regarding the job duties you perform daily. It is of the utmost importance that as many SSOs as possible complete the questionnaire completely and accurately, in a timely manner. Market studies are an opportunity to make sure your classification is compensated fairly in comparison to similar agencies regionally and could have a direct impact on future financial adjustments for you and your co-workers. 

Please Note: This questionnaire does not involve changing duties – it is solely for the purpose of assessing the work you do in the context of the current job market. The deadline to complete this is Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023, so please make sure you allow yourself the time to complete this important questionnaire.

Questions? Contact your OCEA Labor Relations Representatives for OCSD by asking for Jessica Salazar or Kerensa Schupmann at 714-835-3355.

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: November 4, 2023