December 5, 2018

Orange County

Daily Pilot: Costa Mesa's newly elected mayor and 3 council members take their seats

It was standing-room only at the Senior Center — the council’s meeting site while renovation progresses at City Hall — to see newly elected members Arlis Reynolds, Manuel Chavez and Andrea Marr join the council and new Mayor Katrina Foley.


Daily Pilot: Costa Mesa’s new council election system yields ‘historic’ result with win by Manuel Chavez

The 23-year-old doesn’t shy away from the challenges and opportunities of his new position as the representative of District 4, a densely populated, predominantly Latino slice of Costa Mesa’s Westside.


OC Register: Orange County donates parcel in Anaheim for potential veterans cemetery

Two sites Irvine is considering are on land that was a part of the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, but the city is in the midst of studying the potential costs and logistics of the sites and some doubt it will come to fruition.



Labor 411: One of the most conservative public colleges in the U.S. gets its first labor union

The campus chapter will become the “local,” or founding chapter of UCW, for the state of Mississippi, but the charter can expand to any public university within the state.



OC Register: California officially becomes first in nation mandating solar power for new homes

Homebuilders have been preparing for years to meet a proposed requirement that all new homes be “net-zero,” meaning they would produce enough solar power to offset all electricity and natural gas consumed over the course of a year.


OC Register: California migration: Where from and where to

California’s largest net in-migration was with Illinois as 11,071 more people came to the Golden State than exited to the Land of Lincoln. Then came New York (9,296); Virginia (6,653); Pennsylvania (5,146); and New Jersey (4,938).


LA Times: As California’s final votes are counted, here’s how the midterms changed Orange County

With every vote counted in every precinct, here’s a detailed look at how, after years of single party electoral strength, Orange County is making changes.

Publication Date: December 5, 2018