December 27, 2018

Orange County

Homelessness in OC: 2018 Year in Review

In 2018, OC saw more action toward getting homeless people off the streets and into shelter than any other time in recent memory. Spurred by a lawsuit and a federal judge, as well as frustration from residents and business owners, officials have promised to create more than 1,400 shelter beds – most of which are committed to in court-supervised settlement agreements.


Most Influential 2018: OC’s controversial justice system gets 2 new leaders in Don Barnes, Todd Spitzer

Change is coming to Orange County’s turbulent criminal justice system. A full overhaul is expected under District Attorney-elect Todd Spitzer; a few meaningful tweaks under Sheriff-elect Don Barnes.


Fire engulfs building of aluminum business in Orange

Employees of Quality Aluminum Forge were working inside the building, on North Cypress Street near Collins Avenue, at the time but were able to escape unharmed, MacDonald said. The business manufactures aluminum products for aerospace companies.



Need an L.A. Hotel? Watch Where you Stay!

Negotiations appear to be moving in a productive direction with Local 11 having reached a tentative agreement with nine of the hotels as of Thursday. UNITE HERE and hotel ownership still have work to do to get the remaining 15 properties back in line.



2018 offers a look at 10 ways Southern California’s coast is changing

Southern California’s coastline has been changing since it was part of the Pangaea supercontinent 300 million years ago, sometimes slowly and sometimes suddenly. The past year offered hints that changes of the past half century may be accelerating. Nature’s changing face, human development and efforts to make peace between the two can be startling at times.



Five days in, no end in sight for partial government shutdown

Federal employees and their families are using the hashtag #shutdownstories on Twitter to detail mortgage and rent payments they expect to miss because of the delay. For some, the first missed pay day is on Friday.

Publication Date: December 27, 2018