March 5, 2019

Orange County

OC Register: Rain, snow expected to persist through Friday as two storms pass over Southern California

The area from Fullerton to the Inland Empire could receive as much as 1.5 inches of precipitation, while communities further south should average about an inch.


Voice of OC: Orange sued for allegedly violating state election law

District elections could be implemented in Orange, following a voting rights lawsuit claiming the city’s current at-large election method disenfranchises the Latino electorate and hinders the election of Latino candidates.


OC Register: Orange County public transit grapples with a shortage of bus drivers

There has been tremendous growth in transportation logistics, with a greater need for long-haul truckers and for people to deliver online orders. That creates a smaller pool of employees for transit.


OC Register: Orange County builders cut home construction 22%, biggest decline in 6 years

Orange County builders had 2,334 homes under construction in the fourth quarter down 653 in a year or off 22 percent, according to MetroStudy.


Daily Pilot: Costa Mesa settles lawsuit over homeless in riverbed

Under the settlement, the city will pay $7,500 to plaintiff Melissa Fields to use for housing and $24,000 in attorney fees to the Santa Ana-based Elder Law and Disability Rights Center, according to a news release.



WHSV TV: W.Va. judge strikes down key portions of right-to-work law

Kanawha County Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey said some provisions of the 2016 law violated the state constitution including those that would authorize union employees to stop paying dues.


Newsweek: We need stronger labor unions to protect the middle class

The lack of private sector unions is having a dramatic effect on all American workers – because the decline in union density suppresses wages for all workers, it accounts for about one-third of income inequality over the past several decades.


Publication Date: March 5, 2019