March 11, 2019

Orange County

OC Register: Orange County labor movement pushes back against persistent gender wage gap

Decades of experience have taught us that we can’t just sit back and hope our legal or political system will protect the rights of working women – and men – to bargain for fair wages and workplace dignity. That’s task is largely left to working people.


Daily Pilot: Huntington Beach’s in-house prosecutor program has ‘exceeded expectations,’ city attorney says

The program focuses on crimes such as petty theft, public drunkenness, resisting an officer, trespassing, drug possession and lower-level sex offenses in an effort to maintain local residents’ quality of life and clean up downtown issues.


Voice of OC: State audit puts spotlight on OC Fairgrounds policies, executives

The OC Fairgrounds is under scrutiny over a 2016 audit, which uncovered a potential illegal severance agreement with a fired employee that led to an overpayment of nearly $75,000 that state auditors now say could be illegal.


Sacramento Bee: Cities will lose gas tax money if housing goals under Gavin Newsom’s plan are unmet

The governor released details about how his plan would redirect funds generated by the state’s recently increased gas tax, sometimes called SB1 money after the 2017 law that increased fuel taxes.



Sacramento Bee: 39,000 UC workers will strike again, protesting income gaps and job insecurity

A union representing 14,000 research, technical and health care workers at the University of California will go on strike March 20, labor leaders said Friday, because UC leaders are ignoring their concerns about job security, benefit erosion and income inequality.


Albuquerque Journal: Lawmakers vote to ban local ‘right-to-work’ laws

A proposal that would bar New Mexico counties from enforcing local “right-to-work” ordinances is on its way to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.



OC Register: Mapped: States with the best and worst tax burdens

The analysis does not focus on tax rates but rather on the share of a person’s income contributed toward various tax obligations. A state with low taxes but a comparatively high cost living means the actual tax burden may be higher for that state’s residents.


Publication Date: March 11, 2019