June 10, 2019

Orange County

Voice of OC: Deputy union pays out $50K in failed bid to seal misconduct records

The union paid $50,000 in attorney fees this past month to a Voice of OC-led media coalition that successfully challenged the deputies’ bid earlier this year to seal misconduct records made available for public review by recent state legislation.


OC Register: ‘Smart’ parking system may ease drivers’ woes near Anaheim’s Packing District, Center Street

To make parking less of a pain, Anaheim will be adding a “smart parking” system that can monitor where spaces are available in seven city lots and garages in and around the Packing District, City Hall and the Center Street Promenade.


OC Register: Southern California’s extreme heat raises concerns over wildfire season

The sweltering heat that roasted most of Southern California over the weekend will peak well past 100 degrees in some places by Tuesday, June 11, raising concerns about the risk of wildfires in the coming months.


OC Register: Puppies training to be guide dogs charm their way through John Wayne Airport

On Saturday June 1, 2019, 11 labradors ranging from 6 to 17 months old were shuttled to the airport on a bus with Guide Dogs of America volunteers. The puppies were there to get familiar with the sights, sounds, scents and procedures of an airport.


OCEA: Are your kids going to college? Apply now for the OCEA Scholarship

Applications are being accepted now for the 2019 OCEA Board of Directors Scholarship! Applications must be submitted by July 19, 2019. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the August meeting of the OCEA Board of Directors.


OC Register: Brig. Gen. Laura Yeager, a Fountain Valley native, will become 1st female to lead a U.S. Army Infantry unit

Yeager is scheduled to assume command of the California National Guard’s storied 40th Infantry Division during a ceremony at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos on June 29.



Labor 411: US Supreme Court Issues Ruling Against Oil Platform Workers Pay

The high court said that federal law applies to the workers and doesn’t require them to be paid for nonworking time spent at their work location on the Outer Continental Shelf. The workers had argued that California law, which requires them to be compensated, should apply.



Associated Press: Tampon tax among 8 issues in debate over California’s proposed $213 billion budget

Other issues include a roughly $800 million plan to expand a tax credit program for low-income people with children under the age of 6.

Publication Date: June 10, 2019