September 3, 2019

Orange County

Voice of OC: Angels-Anaheim negotiations enter final stretch

The Angels face a Dec. 31 lease deadline, when the team has to decide between playing out their public lease in Anaheim until 2029 under current terms or using a trigger clause to opt out of their lease and seek another stadium home.


OC Register: Orange County’s new administration building features ‘one-stop’ center to serve public

The future look of the Civic Center in Santa Ana is taking shape as Orange County opens a new administration building, but expect to see construction work and traffic detours in the area for several years to come.


OC Register: Orange County plan for vote centers, mail ballots for all headed for state approval this fall

Locations for vote centers and ballot drop-off boxes are still being finalized, but Kelley said he’s hoping to put vote centers not just in government buildings, but in shopping centers and other destination points. A map showing potential locations is on the registrar’s website.


OC Register: Entry-level teachers will spend 85% of pay on median rental in LA-OC, report says

That 85.1%, which pays for a rental priced at $2,836, far outpaces the nationwide average where 46.8% of a starting teacher’s pay will go toward a median rent of $1,483.


Daily Pilot: Deadly California boat fire devastates community of local divers

Five crew members managed to escape the inferno, but officials had little hope about finding anyone else alive. Thirty-nine people were on board when the fire broke out. As of Tuesday morning, the remains of 20 people — 11 female and 9 male — have been found.


Voice of OC: Orange County’s busiest landfill

Immerse yourself in the complex world of sorting, covering and stacking the refuse of three million people by watching the video below, which takes you on a tour of Irvine’s Frank R. Bowerman landfill.



Voice of OC: Recognizing Orange County’s laborers

In their honor, as well as the recognition of the vital contribution that workers make to our collective quality of life, national leaders in 1894 established a federal holiday for laborers and the concept of collective bargaining on the first Monday in September.


Publication Date: September 3, 2019