May 13, 2020 Media Brief


OC Register: Orange County meets some state criteria for reopening faster, falls short on others

Orange County is partway to meeting other state requirements, but would need to perform more diagnostic tests, obtain more disinfectant supplies and medical protective gear and hire more workers to trace who may have been exposed to people infected with the coronavirus.


Voice of OC: OC’s Congressional delegation question County’s lower Coronavirus testing rates

The members of Congress – Mike Levin, Gil Cisneros, Alan Lowenthal, Lou Correa, Linda Sánchez, Katie Porter, and Harley Rouda – requested “a briefing to understand the factors contributing to Orange County’s comparably low testing volume so that we may work together to address this disparity,” and listed a series of questions.


Voice of OC: Westminster looks to consultants for Coronavirus economics

Ever since a leadership vacuum opened up among city executives — when former assistant city manager Chet Simmons followed former city manager Eddie Manfro out the door in January — the city hasn’t had someone at City Hall focused specifically on economic development, according to staff.


Daily Pilot: Newport Beach relaxes pandemic restrictions on vacation rentals

Rentals resume May 20, when the previous restrictions the council agreed to in April were set to expire. The minimum stay requirement will lift when the city rescinds its locally declared emergency, a date to be determined.


OC Register: Mask shaming erupts as latest public battle over coronavirus restrictions

Psychology, conflicting rules, misinformation and anxiety fueling bad behavior and violence, experts say.


OC Register: Bubble Watch: We chart 10 SoCal economic trends to worry about

“Bubble Watch” digs into trends that may indicate economic and/or housing market troubles ahead. We’ve selected 10 charts of recent economic activity that reveal some of the business climate’s trouble spots during the battle against coronavirus’ spread.



Labor 411: Departing AT&T CEO, Who Presided Over Layoffs Of Tens Of Thousands, To Receive $247,000 A Month For Life

Randall Stephenson, the soon to be ex-CEO of AT&T, was no friend of labor. Under his tenure, tens of thousands of employees got the pink slip. And some right before Christmas. And he is getting a handsome reward for his job-killing reign: $247,000 a month for life.


Publication Date: May 13, 2020