AMEA COVID-19 Vaccination Update

Dear AMEA member,

The availability of COVID-19 vaccinations has raised hopes for an end to the country's unprecedented health crisis. Unfortunately, the vaccine rollout has created significant confusion, especially as it relates to essential workers. We wanted to provide a brief update on vaccination availability and provide links for further reference.

OCEA has been in constant communication with CEO Frank Kim and County HR representatives since the start of the pandemic. Our communications now include updates on the rollout of and access to the COVID-19 vaccine. The City of Anaheim has a population of 350,000 -  approximately 11% of the County's 3.2 million people. However, neither the County nor the City has control over the size of the County's dose allotment or who will be eligible to receive it. State public health authorities, who make such determinations, provided 200,000 doses to the County for the Phase 1A allocation.

Much of the allocated doses went to hospitals and health providers because the priorities are health workers in direct contact with residents or patients and people older than 65. According to public health officials, there are 600,000 eligible people in Phase 1A and only 90,000 of them have been vaccinated. You can review the county's vaccination availability schedule here.

The California Labor Federation, which includes AMEA, is advocating to have more classifications of essential workers included in the current rollout. However, the lack of vaccine availability remains the biggest challenge to expanded access. You can look at the City of Anaheim's Coronavirus resource web page here.

We are urging AMEA members to have patience and understanding as we continue to aggressively advocate for the expansion of eligible classifications. We will keep you informed of any new developments related to vaccine availability as they occur.

In Solidarity,

Mike Holmes
AMEA President

Publication Date: February 16, 2021