AMEA member update - COVID-19 response

Dear AMEA member,

Your AMEA Board is aware of the concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and has reached out to City management to discuss the City’s plan to keep you safe. Here at AMEA, it’s our priority to help ensure that you and your co-workers are provided adequate protections as directed and recommended by the California Department of Public Health. 

During these unprecedented times, we have monitored and will continue to monitor the actions of the City and watch out for your safety. Any concerns or requests should be communicated through your normal chain of command, but also inform any Board member or OCEA Rep and be assured that the AMEA Board and OCEA staff will advocate on your behalf.

Although the City recently published a Leave and Telecommuting policy, we’ve identified several areas that require improvement and we are working with the City to address those areas. We will update you as the City’s policies and protocols evolve to better meet your needs and the realities of providing essential public services through this crisis. Thanks for all the work you do every day to serve Anaheim.

Stay as safe as possible under these difficult circumstances.

In Solidarity,

Mike Holmes
AMEA President

Publication Date: March 19, 2020