AMEA members express Housing Authority concerns

Dear AMEA members in Housing,

For the past several months, AMEA and OCEA staff have been communicating with Housing Authority management and HR to discuss concerns and challenges expressed by AMEA members. On October 13, we met with management and HR to discuss a need for additional training, managing growing caseloads and to learn about the plan to address upcoming vacancies.

At this meeting, Housing Management advised us that each of the issues we presented had been discussed with staff and they seemed surprised by the concerns we shared. We responded by remaining focused on our intent: The need for a worker-friendly approach to addressing the challenges you face during these unprecedented times. They advised us that a staff meeting has been set for this Thursday (October 15) and you’re encouraged to voice your concerns there.

At the October 13 meeting, we shared that the recent conversion to electronic processing has been a welcome transition, but there is a need for additional, comprehensive training. We requested that management work with staff to identify collective and individual training needs.

We were informed that Nan McKay and Associates will be taking a more involved approach to include case management instead of solely processing interims and annual re-certifications. In protecting bargaining unit work, we confirmed their services are used to address workload issues resulting from temporary, short-term personnel absences.

Upcoming Vacancies
We were informed that there is an active recruitment for current vacancies and the Department will be preparing a recruitment for upcoming vacancies. We understand that these processes take time and want to make sure that you and your coworkers feel fully supported. If there are any suggestions on additional help or resources you need, we encourage you to communicate them to your supervisors and OCEA. Working together we can overcome the challenges brought during this transition.

During these difficult times, AMEA members in the Housing Authority have stepped up and continued to work hard in serving the community. Your work is greatly appreciated and impactful.

If you feel that you have exhausted all efforts to have your concerns addressed, please contact the AMEA office at as it may warrant the filing of an action.

In Solidarity,

Anaheim Municipal Employees Association

Publication Date: October 14, 2020