AMEA Negotiations Update: June 1, 2022

Dear AMEA member,

The challenges facing Anaheim in 2022 are unprecedented. COVID-19, the pressures of inflation, and political turmoil are all once in a lifetime challenges. Our members have stepped up to the challenges of the moment with pride and professionalism. Despite these obstacles, AMEA members have continued to provide essential services to the residents, often at the risk of our own personal health and safety.

It is in this context that YOUR AMEA BARGAINING TEAM WILL BEGIN NEGOTIATIONS ON THURSDAY, JUNE 2. This process began 4 months ago when AMEA members submitted responses to the 2022 Negotiations Survey. During this time, the bargaining team engaged in additional research, monitored the regional market, and reviewed your survey responses.

The culmination of this work is an initial bargaining proposal that clearly reflects the demands and values of AMEA members. You can be confident that the members of the AMEA Bargaining Team will fight for fair wages and benefits, job security, and additional ways to enhance your work/life balance.

During negotiations AMEA will provide regular email updates of progress and, when appropriate, obstacles that must be overcome. You can also reach out to a member of the Bargaining Team or an AMEA workplace leader for additional information.

Your 2022 AMEA Bargaining Team is:

  • AMEA President
  • Dave Pangle, AMEA First Vice President
  • Miguel Gonzalez, AMEA Second Vice President
  • Heather Madrick, AMEA Secretary
  • Steve Goodwyn, AMEA Treasurer
  • Don Drozd, OCEA General Counsel
  • Veronica Rodarte, OCEA Senior Labor Relations Representative
  • Michelle Rubio, OCEA Labor Relations Representative
  • Jessica Salazar, OCEA Labor Relations Specialist
  • Carlos Rosales, OCEA Lead Organizer

Every single AMEA member will continue to play an important role in negotiations. Please keep up with your emails, look out for updates in the workplace, attend meetings when they occur, and be ready to act. A union’s best strength lies in its strength in numbers.

If you want to get more involved in 2022 AMEA Negotiations, CLICK HERE

Publication Date: June 1, 2022