CFS Caseload Management Forum Update: June 10, 2022

Dear OCEA member,

The next CFS Caseload Management Forum is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15. This will be the first month we implement a new structure for the meeting. That structure focuses on 1 or 2 specific programs per month. Our goals with these meetings will be to improve caseload metrics and to make improvements for workers.

Court Services will be the focus of our June 15 meeting.

Thank you to all OCEA members who have stepped up to gather issues, met with OCEA staff representatives, provided solutions, and volunteered to participate in the meeting on Wednesday. This meeting will be open ONLY to the OCEA members from Court Services who have been volunteering their time in preparation for this meeting.

Remember—you do not have to wait until your program’s forum date to work on caseload solutions! You can reach out to an OCEA Labor Relations Representative to collaborate not just on caseload solutions, but also to address other workplace issues or concerns. Please visit the SSA section of for OCEA staff contact information.

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You can also click here to see an important video on the fight for fairness for Social Workers in CFS!

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: June 10, 2022