CFS Caseload Management Forum Update: June 27, 2022

Dear OCEA member,

At our last CFS Caseload Management Forum, we implemented a new structure that focuses on one or two specific programs per month. These meetings are intended to identify ways to improve caseload metrics and to implement improvements for workers. The focus of our June 15 meeting was Court Services.

Prior to June 15, OCEA members and staff met multiple times to review the unique issues facing Court Services workers. While there are universal challenges facing Senior Social Workers in CFS, the unique challenges to each program require unique solutions. These pre-meetings allowed for the issues to be defined and presented to management before the meeting so the Caseload Management Forum could focus on solutions. OCEA was represented by Senior Social Workers Yajaira “Heidi” Perez, Martin Garcia, Debra Martin, Cassandra Lewis, and Kristen Nichols. The Court Services team was joined by Senior Social Services Supervisor and OCEA leader Kerensa Schupmann, and OCEA Staff members Chaz Leon, Saliem Aregaye, Danielle Chau, and Alisha Greene.

Our agenda included the following topics/issues:

  1. Welcome/Establishing Ground Rules
  2. Case Assignment Process
  3. Flex/OT/On-Call
  4. Caseload Target
  5. Vacation/Time Off Requests

Each issue is unique contextually and requires an equally unique solution. Senior Social Workers provided real-world expertise on the daily aspects of the job. Working with OCEA staff members, who are versed in employee relations and the MOU, the team presented succinct and workable solutions to the issues in Court Services. The issue of Flex/OT/On-Call was clarified easily. The other agenda items now have tangible action items, which include worker surveys on new practices, making improvements on case assignments, and a commitment from all parties to continue solidifying a caseload target.

Improvements for Court Services will be ongoing. The Caseload Management Forum is preparing to focus on Emergency Response (ER) next. Thank you to the workplace leaders stepping up to represent ER. The team will pre-meet on the unique challenges facing ER workers. At the July meeting, ER workers and OCEA staff will present their agenda and will begin working to identify solutions for long-standing challenges.

Click to read our May update detailing how we are working to make the CFS Caseload Management Forum a more effective space. REMEMBER—you do not have to wait until your program’s forum date to work on caseload solutions! You can reach out to an OCEA Labor Relations Representative to collaborate on caseload solutions and, to address other workplace issues or concerns. Please visit the SSA section of for OCEA staff contact information.

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: June 27, 2022