CFS Social Worker Update - January 27, 2022

Dear OCEA member,

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, the Board of Supervisors regular meeting included an agenda item (Agenda Item #14) that impacted the CFS division of SSA. The Board approved the item to bring in an outside vendor to assist with “workflow redesign services.”

SSA management has told workers that this contractor will help modernize workflow and provide relief from many of the longstanding problems facing ALL CFS workers. Frontline workers know the issues go well beyond a single contract and have remained unresolved far too long. In December Senior Social Workers sent a letter and series of demands to SSA Director Debra Baetz related to workload, morale, and culture.

Additionally, just last week clerical workers in CFS demonstrated for safe working conditions in front of the Eckhoff building. Critical issues across the entire agency require immediate action!

The snail’s pace of management response to these important issues prompted OCEA General Manager Charles Barfield to speak at the Tuesday Board meeting. He delivered petitions demanding safety for SSA workers signed by those at the Eckhoff demonstration. He also spoke on Agenda Item #14 to put the agency on notice that ANY “workflow redesign” needs to be developed with the input of frontline workers PERIOD.

Following his remarks, both Chairman Chaffee and Supervisor Foley voiced their support for OCEA and their commitment to frontline worker input on any “workflow redesign.” OCEA has briefed and educated Chairman Chaffee, Supervisor Foley, and their staffs on the many issues facing OCEA members in CFS. They have both pledged to stand with workers as we fight for the workplace improvements you need and deserve.

You can view the clip here.

Stay tuned to additional updates in the coming days and weeks on these and other important issues.

Do you want to get more involved by advocating directly for your co-workers, speaking to media about workplace issues, or volunteering as a workplace leader? Let us know!

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: January 27, 2022