Check out the AMEA Difference

Dear AMEA member,

This month's “Getting to know your AMEA” will focus on the benefits of union membership. We are attaching a flyer that breaks down the tangible advantages to you and your family that come with standing together with your fellow workers.

AMEA is an independent, member-controlled nonprofit corporation serving as the sole collective bargaining representative for general and clerical employees across the City of Anaheim. AMEA members stand shoulder-to-shoulder with workplace leaders and professional staff to fight for fair wages, working conditions, benefits, and more. We call it the “Union Difference.”

Please take a look at the flyer below or click here should you want to download and share with others.The Union Difference is about the dignity working people have when they come to the bargaining table with their employer as equals. When we stand together, we have a much stronger voice.

In Solidarity,

Mike Holmes
AMEA President

Publication Date: January 13, 2021