DA Office: Protecting Your Time Off!

Dear OCEA member,

As you may know, the State has changed its holiday commemoration from Columbus Day, Oct. 10, to California Native People’s Day, Sept. 23. The Courts are complying with this change and will observe Sept. 23 as a holiday.

Since the District Attorney works closely with the Courts, the DA (and the Public Defender) are also observing the holiday on Sept. 23, not Oct.10.

OCEA pushed back on behalf of OCEA members since the change was made on very short notice and we want to ensure there are no adverse effects to members. As a result of OCEA’s intervention, the DA has agreed to implement the following language:

“We recognize that the late arrival of formal notice of the change in Columbus Day observance from October 10 to September 23 may cause challenges for those who already made plans for October 10.

If this change in holiday observance impacts your existing plans for October 10, please notify your supervisor as soon as possible. We will work to approve as many vacation requests for October 10 as operationally feasible, including providing the option to change your flex day for the pay period.”

If you have an issue getting time off approved around this change, please contact OCEA Senior Labor Relations Representative Aaron Peardon at apeardon@ocea.org.

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: September 9, 2022