D.A. Telecommuting Update: Sept. 2, 2022

Dear OCEA member, 

As you know, your OCEA District Attorney stewards and OCEA staff have been working on your behalf to help define the future of telecommuting at the D.A.’s office.

Thank you to all members who responded to our recent survey on the subject—your answers were insightful and informed the approach we took when speaking in person with District Attorney Todd Spitzer last Thursday, Aug. 25.

The D.A. has been meeting with all groups at the agency to hear their recommendations as he puts together his telecommuting policy. In our meeting your OCEA stewards presented our ideas, while also answering his concerns with their knowledge of specific workplace conditions, policies and solutions.

We will keep you informed as the D.A. continues to draft his policy. D.A. Spitzer said he wants to rebuild camaraderie within the D.A.’s office, as well as ensure staff is available at a moment’s notice, and he believes that happens best in person. Your OCEA team was able to discuss these concerns with the D.A. and share survey information that described the current telecommuting practices in these situations.

During the meeting the D.A. and OCEA also agreed to meet once quarterly to maintain better lines of communication going forward. We are excited for this opportunity to work closer with D.A. leadership on behalf of all OCEA members.

Regarding telecommuting and next steps, we are sending back some additional requested information and will update you again when we have more to report!

If you see OCEA stewards Mary Hunter, Joanna Burchell, Luis Arevalos, Roque Rios, Lorraine Andrade, Karen Louth, and Alicia Lopez, please join us in thanking them for their help with this matter!

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: September 2, 2022