FMEF Negotiations Update - January 13, 2022

Dear FMEF member,

Your FMEF Bargaining Team met with representatives from the City on Jan. 12, 2022. We delivered our proposal for the wage increases you and your families deserve. We included a provision for retroactive pay as the City is responsible for delays in the negotiations process.

Throughout the negotiations process, your Bargaining Team asked for clarification on Article 57 of the MOU, which outlines the City’s ability to convert regular (union) positions to non-regular (non-union) positions. The City has repeatedly failed to provide historical information regarding the application and impact of Article 57, which led to a formal request for information by OCEA. We will communicate the City's response when we receive it.

Your Bargaining Team is also pressing for details about how the recently passed budget cuts will impact workers. Our next bargaining session is scheduled for Jan. 24, 2022.

As expected, FMEF members continue to provide excellent public services even as Omicron variant infections surge. Please reach out to your FMEF Board members if there are safety concerns in your area.

In Solidarity,

Veronica Rodarte
Sr. Labor Relations Representative

Publication Date: January 23, 2022