Government Affairs Update: April 2024

A union is comprised of working people standing together to make improvements in and outside the workplace. When we stand together, we leverage our greatest strength, our strength in numbers. When we are able to use our numbers to build power, we can achieve amazing things. This applies both to the bargaining table and to the ballot box.

Our union participates in politics because we have to. Political decisions have a direct impact on our lives and our jobs. Public servants in particular have more to gain or lose by the decisions of elected officials. Our budgets, raises, benefits and pensions are all influenced by political decisions.

Below are a few ways OCEA is active in the political arena to build power for our members.


OCEA Endorsed Candidates Succeed in March!

OCEA endorsed 19 candidates in the March 2024 primary election. Of those, 17 either won their seats outright or moved on to the November general election! We are so proud of our endorsed candidates who proudly carried the OCEA endorsement. On March 26 OCEA Stewards and Board members were joined by our victorious candidates for Judge!

OCEA Goes to Sacramento

Statewide legislation can have a profound impact on OCEA members. Whether in the form of attacks, such as efforts to weaken our retirement, or opportunities to advance positive issues such as workplace safety and staffing. OCEA’s Legislative Committee provides OCEA member input on legislation that impacts our union. The committee works with our legislative advocates in Sacramento and our allies in the California labor movement to advocate for laws that will benefit OCEA members and their families.

On March 17, OCEA workplace leaders and staff joined hundreds of other union members for the annual California Labor Federation/CA Building Trades Joint Legislative Conference. This event brings together unions from across the state to advocate for 2024 Union Legislative Priorities. Good laws don’t just happen. They are achieved by electing pro-union candidates to office and fighting for pro-union laws. You can see the video here!

OCEA Legislative Priorities 2024

Here is a list of bills currently supported by OCEA.

If you have a bill or topic that the OCEA Legislative Committee should be monitoring, email If you want to get more involved with the OCEA Legislative Committee, become an OCEA Steward! You can learn more at

Vote No on the Costly and Misleading Recall in Anaheim

On June 4 residents of Anaheim, District 3 will have the chance to vote NO on the costly and misleading recall of Anaheim Councilwoman Natalie Rubalcava. OCEA formally OPPOSES this recall and we urge all OCEA members who live in the district to vote NO!

This costly special election is unnecessary and is unfair. The Anaheim Municipal Employees Association (AMEA) and Orange County Employees Association (OCEA) stand in support of Councilmember Natalie Rubalcava. She has done nothing wrong and has delivered time and time again for her district and the entire City.

Since her election to the City Council in 2022 she has always stood with us. She and her staff have worked hand-in-hand with AMEA members and staff to address important issues facing workers. Councilwoman Rubalcava has consistently challenged outsourcing, pushed for enhanced workplace safety, and advocated for better pay and benefits. Simply put, she supports each of us and all working people!

Publication Date: April 22, 2024