MHRS in CRISIS: Take Action TODAY!

Dear OCEA member,

The preceding three years have been traumatic. Workers who provide essential health services to the County have been overwhelmed, overworked, underappreciated, and undervalued. Workers in Mental Health and Recovery Services (and more) have been pushed to the breaking point.

If we want to see change, we must stand together and demand that change. We all know from experience that we can’t wait for the County to act on its own.

OCEA member leaders and staff have organized an effort to demand workplace improvements from the County. Workers are in crisis. The community is in crisis. The County must do more to provide proper staffing, provide proper resources, and demonstrate sustained effort into rescuing our critical mental health infrastructure!

To compel the County to make change we first need to organize. When workers stand together, we can make meaningful change. The first step in this effort is for all OCEA members in Mental Health and Recovery Services to complete this important survey! After the results of the survey are compiled, our next step will be to bring these findings to HCA Management for immediate action. If we cannot bring the necessary relief to OCEA members, then we will escalate these efforts to the Board of Supervisors and beyond!

Change begins NOW! Please complete the HCA Staffing and Services Survey TODAY!

The survey will be open until 5 p.m. Friday, August 19!

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: August 11, 2022