NBEL Bargaining Update - November 9, 2021

Dear NBEL member,

On Nov. 8, your NBEL Bargaining Team met with City representatives and the City’s negotiator, Charles Sakai, to discuss our initial proposal. The City’s response was unacceptable as it failed to include the wage increases you and your families deserve. Your Bargaining Team responded with a counterproposal, which will be discussed at our next bargaining meeting on Monday, Nov. 15.

NBEL President Craig Auger and your Bargaining Team did an excellent job of reminding the City that it was your hard work and sacrifice during the pandemic that kept Newport Beach open and operational.

The worker surveys you and your coworkers completed let us know what is important to you. Your hard work and dedication should be recognized and rewarded. Your NBEL Bargaining Team will continue to fight for a meaningful wage increase.

We will keep you posted on any new developments as they occur.

In Solidarity,

Your NBEL Bargaining Team

Craig Auger
Mike Auger
Matt Aman
Patrick Piersall

Publication Date: November 9, 2021