OCEA Voter Guide for June 7 Primary Election

Dear OCEA member,

OCEA’s political involvement has one focus—to provide advice and advocacy that advances the interests of working people and their families. Part of that mission includes providing guidance and analysis to OCEA members about candidates who, as elected officials, enact policies that govern every aspect of our workplace lives.

After careful analysis, the OCEA Board of Directors will sometimes weigh-in to support candidates who have demonstrated support for the values of working people and for initiatives that strengthen and improve the lives of OCEA members. Your co-workers and fellow OCEA members have vetted and endorsed the candidates listed in our 2022 Voter Guide.

We know there are many reasons why OCEA members may choose one candidate over another. We hope you will review the 2022 Voter Guide, consider each of these OCEA-endorsed candidates, and support them with your vote.

We are stronger together.

In Solidarity,

Charles Barfield
OCEA General Manager

P.S. You will receive your ballot in the mail starting the week of May 9, 2022.

Publication Date: May 4, 2022