OCFA Bargaining Update - October 18, 2021

Dear OCEA Member,

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, your bargaining team again met with OCFA executive leadership and their negotiator Peter Brown. Our bargaining team stands united; we demanded a fair contract with fair pay increases for each of you. We gave OCFA our proposal to take directly to the JPA Board meeting on October 28. It is outrageous that after four months of bargaining, OCFA has come back offering no pay increases whatsoever.

You deserve better than that. We will continue this fight until we are given a fair contract to bring back to you. We will update you on the developments that come out of the JPA's meeting on Oct. 28.

Your OCFA Bargaining Team

Sami Soto
Rich Swanson
Don Freidline
Brad Stephens
Eric Monroe
Jon Bowden
Kate Wolf
Don Drozd
Aaron Peardon

Publication Date: October 18, 2021