Please Complete This Survey: Orangewood Facility Safety

Dear OCEA member,

We have recently been made aware of several safety issues throughout the facility at Orangewood. The safety of our members is always one of our top priorities, and we are in contact with management regarding this issue.

We want you to have the opportunity to voice your concerns. Please click here to take a brief survey. Your participation and ideas are needed as we continue to advocate for the safety of you and your co-workers. We will benefit greatly from your responses and suggestions to improve the safety of the Orangewood facility.

Management has also expressed a desire to support staff and encourage input. They actively encourage members to bring forward your concerns and if possible potential solutions. Collaborating with management through OCEA, the survey allows you to have your voice heard, anonymously. If you would like to further GET INVOLVED, please contact one of your union representatives listed below:

Charles Leon | |714-564-3234
Kerensa Schupmann | | 714-564-3257
Danielle Chau | | 714-564-3256
Louis Gurrola | | 714-564-3259

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: May 26, 2023