Dear OCEA member,

As you recall, in 2021 OCEA staff met with the Treasurer-Tax Collector and Agency representatives following completion of an administrative review of TTC staffing, structure, IT, and other operational issues. During that meeting we provided worker feedback concerning the TTC’s job performance.

OCEA members identified concerns in several areas: vacancies; leadership style; and culture (more info here). In subsequent follow-ups, the TTC and executives made positive movement in those categories, including ramping up recruitment efforts, improved access to office supplies, better workflow for help-desk requests, and more. The TTC also agreed to take a hands-off approach to daily management, giving those duties to the Assistant TTC.

OCEA remains dedicated to its goal of creating a respectful and more-efficient workplace for TTC staff. To that end, CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THIS FOLLOW-UP SURVEY SO WE CAN EVALUATE THE PROGRESS MANAGEMENT HAS MADE ON THESE ISSUES.

The survey will close Tuesday, Sept. 20. Thank you to those whose courage allowed us to make the progress we have so far. We look forward to receiving your responses.

In Solidarity,

Michelle Rubio
OCEA Labor Relations Representative

Publication Date: September 7, 2022