Sanitation District Negotiations Update: Tentative Agreement Details

Dear OCEA member,

Thank you to those who attended our urgent membership meeting on Wednesday. Throughout the negotiations process your bargaining team has consistently fought for your priorities at the table. Together with the other OC Sanitation District unions we formed a united front to force the District to acknowledge the invaluable contributions each of you make in the workplace. That unity and strength in numbers has paid dividends, and after months of bargaining, your bargaining team believes it has pushed OC San to the limit and has now achieved all that we can achieve.

As of today, OCEA and OC San have reached a tentative agreement on a new three-year contract. Your bargaining team recommends that you VOTE YES to ratify the tentative agreement.

Here are the highlights of the tentative agreement:

  • Term: Three (3) years
  • Wage Increases:
    • 4.5% in July 2022
    • 4.0% in July 2023
    • 3.5% in July 2024
  • Lump Sum: $1,500 one-time pandemic appreciation payment to each worker in July 2022
  • Deferred Comp.: $160/month matching deferred compensation contribution for Plan B and Plan U workers
  • Boot Allowance: Safety boot allowance increase to $225

View these links for MOU language changes and complete tentative agreement deal points.

We know some may feel you deserve more. Your bargaining team completely agrees. But we also strongly believe we have extracted as much as we possibly can from OC San at this time. And we know you and your family need raises NOW! It would be both irresponsible and futile to needlessly postpone and possibly jeopardize our wage increase by continuing negotiations when we believe the District will not move any further.

We will be voting online from July 5 to July 7. You can only vote one time, and once your vote is cast you cannot change it.

In Solidarity,

Your OC San Negotiations Team

Juan Ambriz
Dana Andrews
Bobby Martinez
Bea Mitchell
Joe Vallone
Mickey Whitney
Saliem Aregaye, OCEA Labor Relations Representative
Danielle Chau, OCEA Labor Relations Representative
Alisha Greene, OCEA Senior Organizer

Publication Date: June 24, 2022