Seminar - Dream Big with Kaiser Permanente's Kevin Pham

Dear OCEA Member,

This episode marks the end of an eight-week course entitled "Mindful Minute" with Kaiser Permanente's Kevin Pham." OCEA is providing this course to our members in partnership with Kaiser PermanenteThis week, Kevin asks us to "Dream Big." 

About Kevin Pham
Kevin is a Kaiser Health Educator and experienced personal trainer. He also holds a Yoga Teacher Training Certification and is committed to improving his clients' health and quality of life. This episode features two, five-minute videos. Click the following links to view the two programs "Reaching Your Dreams" and "Yoga Tree Pose," this week's stretching video. 

This Week's Tips from Kevin Pham
"I look at life as a big canvas that is blank and extends as far as the eye can see," says Kevin. "It doesn't matter what you paint or what the colors are. What matters most is that you engage in your life and add color every moment." Below are some tips from Kevin to help make your dream a reality:

  • The first thing you want to do in dreaming big is to find something that matters to you. It could be running a 5k, learning how to dance, or even learning a new language;
  • Make sure your goal or dream is obtainable. We risk burnout and disappointment if our goals are unrealistic; and,
  • Enjoy the process. It's alright to set a goal and accomplish what you love, but if that's the onlyreason you are doing it, then you miss out on the journey. 

We hope you enjoyed "Mindful Minute" with Kevin Pham. Prior to the pandemic, OCEA's “Members Only” seminars were held at OCEA Headquarters or at various work locations. With the increase in COVID-19 vaccination rates, we look forward to holding these seminars in person soon. Until then, we remain committed to standing together with each of you in our union. We are OCEA strong!

In Solidarity,

Orange County Employees Association

Publication Date: June 14, 2021