SSO Assignment Tracker

Dear SSO,

The past few weeks have proven to be a challenge for all of us in this great nation. We have worked together as OCEA Members and Sheriff's Department employees to overcome those challenges. Despite our recent setback with the California Supreme Court, we will continue to advocate on behalf of the SSO classification. As you are aware, we are tracking issues with COVID-19 and are reporting those issues not only to Command Staff, but to the County Board of Supervisors on a daily basis. We have been extremely active in advocating for protections for our members such as PPEs.

It has come to our attention that some SSOs may be asked to work in positions that are outside of normal SSO assignments, for example in assisting at testing sites. We would like to track each of these assignments for further discussions with the department. If you have been asked to work in any assignment that is not typically given to SSOs, please send us an email at and include specific assignment duties and how long you are assigned to these duties.

Thank you and stay safe,

Aaron Peardon
Sr. Labor Relations Manager

Publication Date: April 2, 2020