Thank You for Stepping Up to Make History with Us!

Dear OCEA member,

Thank you for stepping up to make history with us at the polls to ensure our OCEA-endorsed candidates won their elections! For the first time since OCEA was founded in 1937, the Orange County Board of Supervisors will be comprised of a staunchly labor-friendly majority with the re-elections of Supervisors Doug Chaffee in District 4 and Katrina Foley in District 5, and Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento who is “more optimistic” as the final votes are being counted in the race for District 2. All three represent a philosophy that we are confident will usher in a new era of worker-friendly initiatives.

It was only 4 years ago when Supervisor Chaffee came to the Board—securing a massive victory for our union and our community—and fundamentally altered the trajectory of County governance. In the four years since his election, our members have seen better contracts, better treatment, and an enhanced ability to provide essential services for Orange County. In March 2021 then Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley won a special election in a hotly contested race for a vacant Board seat. She stood with us for more than a decade in Costa Mesa and has proven to be one of the most pro-OCEA County Supervisors in history because she fundamentally believes in the mission of public service and the inherent dignity of our work. Our primary goal this election cycle was to see these labor champions through with countless hours of precinct walking, phone calls, and voter education.

A union’s power grows when even more members STAND TOGETHER AND GET INVOLVED to fight for fairness in the workplace and at the bargaining table. This fight starts at the ballot box by electing pro-union politicians who will advocate for us and protect us with laws against exploitation. Organizing politically is the only way to build power for OCEA members!

Stand with us. Get involved at

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: November 21, 2022