The 2024 OCEA Leadership Conference + 2023 County Wins!

Dear OCEA member,

Thanks to you, we created a New Day in OC! Last year was a year filled with victories for OCEA members!

You and your co-workers helped to elect the first worker-friendly Board of Supervisors in OCEA history. The work of OCEA’s member-leaders resulted in contract negotiations that concluded prior to the expiration of the last contract, ensuring no lost wages for County workers. OCEA members continue to be leaders in the public employee union movement, securing better wages and working conditions for the people who make the County of Orange work.

Below, please review some of our most notable 2023 wins, which were achieved by being prepared, standing together at the negotiations table, and fighting for what you deserve.


While we’re proud of everything OCEA members accomplished last year, the fight for better working conditions, terms and conditions for your employment is not over. We’re already looking ahead to 2026 when we’ll be negotiating again. We know that our greatest strength is our strength in numbers.

This past weekend, OCEA’s Stewards - your workplace leaders - attended the 2024 OCEA Leadership Conference, along with OCEA’s Board of Directors and staff,. We revisited our 2023 victories, discussed how we achieved them, and began laying out several phases of communications, organizing, and workplace visibility that will help keep our union even more educated and strong in preparation for 2026 negotiations.

Click here to view a slideshow from the event.

A union is at its strongest when we are together. Thank you for your continued solidarity and desire to make a difference in the lives of you and your co-workers. If you want to get more involved with building power in your workplace, go to!

In Solidarity,


Publication Date: April 17, 2024