Update: Paralegal Class & Comp Study

The Paralegal Class and Comp Study is underway. Thank you to everyone who competed their PDQs and submitted them to HR. The questionnaire is critical to making sure your voice is heard when new positions or reclassification of existing positions are considered.

Class and Comp staff have provided some edits to existing classifications based on a review of the PDQs. Here are the next steps in the process:

  • Managers will include their edits to the classification for review;
  • Class and Comp will look at the comparison agencies to determine the compensation portion of the study;
  • Once the compensation portion of the study is completed, Management will conduct another review, make final recommendations, and notify OCEA.

When we receive the recommendations, we will schedule a meeting with you and your coworkers to discuss the findings. We will keep you informed of further developments when they arise. Please contact me at saregaye@ocea.org if you have any questions or comments.

Standing together, we can make sure our voices are heard.

Publication Date: September 4, 2019