Your input needed! Take the Housing Authority Survey

Dear OC Housing Authority member,

Thank you for your continued hard work throughout the pandemic. We recognize the many challenges you may have experienced while working from home and the new challenges returning to the office may present. As many of you know, we have a Labor Management Committee (LMC) that meets to discuss workplace matters. In order to prepare for these discussions, we are soliciting member feedback. Please take a few moments to complete our Housing Authority Survey. You can access the survey here. Please respond by Friday, July 23rd. Your answers will be kept confidential. 

OCEA members create positive change on the job by working collaboratively to effectively resolve problems. LMCs were established through successful collective bargaining and provide one of many opportunities for OCEA members to have a seat at the table to address workplace issues. As subject matter experts, your input is critical to the LMC process.

In Solidarity,

Veronica Rodarte
Senior Labor Relations Representative

Saliem Aregaye
Labor Relations Representative

Publication Date: July 15, 2021