A union is strong when we leverage our greatest strength, our strength in numbers. This is also true when we are talking about the retirement security of County public workers. Your pension is administered and governed by a nine-person Board of Trustees. Two of these OCERS Trustees are directly elected by you and your co-workers. Currently, you are served by two tireless advocates for retirement security, Trustees Chris Prevatt and Adele Tagaloa. Chris and Adele, along with the other Trustees, work to ensure all County public workers can retire with dignity.

Periodically we provide an update on the latest news about your retirement security!


You may have been waiting for an OCERS ballot to arrive in the mail so you could vote for Iriss Barriga, but we have great news—Iriss ran in the election unopposed, and with no opponent filing papers against her, she will take over Chris Prevatt’s General Member seat on the OCERS Board of Retirement in January 2025!

“I want to thank all OCEA members who turned out at Hot Doggers and my campaign kick-off in support of my candidacy,” Iriss said. “I sought election to help protect your retirement security, and I am thrilled I will be able to fulfill this goal when I join the board in early 2025.”

Iriss, a Senior Child Support Specialist at Child Support Services started with the County in 1997. She is also a member of the OCEA Board of Directors and a trustee of the OCEA Health & Welfare Trust.

Prior to announcing her candidacy, Iriss has been educating herself on the intricacies of public employee pensions, engaging in retirement seminars, connecting with OCERS members across unions, and familiarizing herself with the system that will support you during your retirement years.

OCERS CEO Steve Delaney has already been in contact with Iriss to help ensure a smooth transition on the board between her and Chris Prevatt when the time comes. Chris has served as an OCERS trustee since 2012, and his guidance and support not only helped Iriss in her candidacy but helped ensure your future retirement security.

Iriss, along with current OCERS Chair and OCEA Board Member Adele Tagaloa, will continue to advocate for you in 2025 and beyond.

Congratulations Iriss!

(OCEA Board Member [and soon to be OCERS Trustee] Iriss Barriga with OCEA Stewards who joined us in person at our May Steward meeting.)


When you became a member of OCERS, you were asked to designate a beneficiary who is entitled to receive certain benefits that may be payable upon your death. If it’s been some time since you’ve checked that your beneficiary designations are accurate and up to date, please log in to myOCERS to name, review or change your beneficiary or beneficiaries.

You can also update beneficiaries by downloading the form at this link and mailing it to OCERS. You can also request to have OCERS mail a form to you by calling 714-558-6200.

Publication Date: May 30, 2024