Funded by wealthy special interests

An organization funded by the wealthiest CEOs and Billionaires looking to undermine the rights of workers by weakening your union so they can outsource our jobs and cut our pay. They do not disclose their donors, however researchers have identified connections to some of the nation's largest front groups for the ultra-wealthy such as Charles and David Koch, the Devos Foundation, State Policy Network, The Bradley Foundation, and the Walton Foundation (Walmart).

They aren't about freedom

The Freedom Foundation is a political organization that calls, emails or even visits you at home to mislead you into abandoning your union brothers and sisters before attacking your pay and benefits. Unions are one of the last checks on corporate power. The Freedom Foundation tries to dismantle unions so they are free to push their corporate agenda.

They fight against wage increases

The Freedom Foundation fights against public employee pay raises. Their goal is to dismantle government, cut public services and outsource public sector jobs.

They hurt middle class families

The Freedom Foundation continues to lobby against policies that nurture strong and healthy communities. They oppose paid sick leave, the minimum wage, and collective bargaining rights.

Oppose collective bargaining rights

Collective bargaining give workers the ability to have a seat at the table. The Freedom Foundation has sponsored numerous initiatives that would undermine the ability for workers to organize to fight for a fair wage for a hard days work as well as strong benefits and safe working conditions.

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