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OCEA members in the OC Community Resources Department are represented by union stewards and a professional staff of labor relations representatives. Standing together, every OCEA member in the OC Community Resources Department plays a role in achieving better wages, retirement security and fair rights on the job.

The information below is a resource for all OCEA members in the OC Community Resources Department. Below, you will find a list of stewards and staff representatives for OCEA members assigned to the OC Community Resources Department. You’ll also find the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which is the negotiated union contract that sets forth the wages, hours and working conditions guiding your employment. And you can also find updates and news from OCEA about what’s happening in your agency and across the County.

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Anti-worker staff in the County Civic Center

October 17, 2019

We have again spoken to Human Resources and have been advised that workers should contact their immediate supervisors if anyone would like to move to another work space because of the hot and uncomfortable conditions.

OCEA members ratify Tentative Agreement with County

October 15, 2019

The OCEA Board of Directors, your OCEA Bargaining Team, OCEA Stewards and staff are proud to announce the ratification of a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the County of Orange by all six OCEA bargaining units.

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Zullihey Ayala
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Lourdes Cruz Marquez
Frank Hernandez
Kacey Kim
Lindsay Klick
Laura Lampers
Jamie Link
Mui Liu
Christian Medina
Frances Nguyen
Marie O'Brien
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Saliem Aregaye

Labor Relations Representative

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Labor Relations Representative