Superior Courts

OCEA members in the Superior Courts are represented by union stewards and a professional staff of labor relations representatives. Standing together, every OCEA member in the Superior Courts plays a role in achieving better wages, retirement security and fair rights on the job.

The information below is a resource for all OCEA members in the Superior Courts. Below, you will find a list of stewards and staff representatives for OCEA members assigned to the Superior Courts. You’ll also find the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which is the negotiated union contract that sets forth the wages, hours and working conditions guiding your employment. And you can also find updates and news from OCEA about what’s happening in your agency and across the County.

Stay informed: Union news that affects you!

Court Negotiations Update: Join the Union Action Team!

August 3, 2022

Negotiating a new labor agreement is the most impactful work of your union. Our Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) determine our rates of pay, healthcare arrangements, grievance procedure, ways to balance our work and home life, and more.

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Laguna Niguel City Council

August 2, 2022

As you know, the OCFA Board has not provided OCEA members with a fair contract. The OC Fire Authority Board of Directors has proposed less than 1% per year in base wages, as well as other anti-worker proposals!

ADELE for OCERS: Adele's Officially on the Ballot!

July 27, 2022

Here’s an update from the front line in the fight for your retirement security: OCERS Trustee and OCEA Board Secretary Adele Tagaloa needed 75 signatures to qualify but received OVER 440 SIGNATURES in support of her candidacy for a second term on the OCERS Board of Retirement!

BACK TO SCHOOL: Win 1 of 4 $100 Target Gift Cards!

July 25, 2022

DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! Orange County’s Credit Union is celebrating Back to School with OCEA members by hosting a special sweepstakes through August 5, 2022!

OCEA President Lezlee Neebe Retires

July 22, 2022

This week OCEA President Lezlee Neebe will retire from her position as a Court Clerk III at the Orange County Superior Court, as well as her position as OCEA President.

Adele for OCERS

June 28, 2022

My name is Adele Tagaloa. I am a Vote Center Site Lead at the Orange County Registrar of Voters Office. I have been an OCEA member since I began my full-time County employment, and I became a Steward in 2012. I serve on the OCEA Board of Directors as the Union’s Secretary—and I am a proud member of OCEA!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Father's Day $100 Gift Card Winners!

June 17, 2022

Thank you to everyone who participated in Orange County’s Credit Union Father's Day contest with OCEA members!

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Jenny Aguilar
Joel Archer
Elizabeth Brionies-Fernande
Cynthia Cajero
Christina Cano
Marlene Carbajal
Emma Castle
Shirley Chavez
Maria Concepcion
Marci Dambert
Patricia Dulaney
Perla Elias
Miriam Figueroa-Leon
Cassandra Flores
Yadira Fontalvo
Jennifer Foran
Luz Fuentes
Malinda Granville
Robert Hendricks
Kristi Johnson
Hillary Jones
Kim Kaldenbach
Norri Lau
Sharon Lilio
Elaine Magana
Jennifer Morgan
Lezlee Neebe
Angelina Nguyen-Do
Cynthia Ratzon
Robert Renison
Mary Reynolds
Rosemary Reynoso
Juana Rosales
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruvalcaba-Lee
Jeronimo Salazar
Aimee Skochko
Tony Smith
Annabel Speer
Teresa Tico
Melissa Trondle
Wendi Vallarino
Cinnamon Walters


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