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Annual Health Fair TOMORROW at OCEA

September 10, 2018

OCEA's annual Health Fair, presented by OCEA Health & Welfare Trust, takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018, at OCEA.

The importance of a strong and vibrant labor movement

September 6, 2018

Most Americans have a vague idea that Labor Day is intended to acknowledge the achievements and sacrifices of working people and what they have meant to our collective history. Yet drowned out by commercials for blowout sales and plans for barbecues, the holiday can often seem like an empty nod to some distant past.

Your Retirement is my Priority - I am running for Re-election!

August 28, 2018

It has been an honor to represent County workers as your member representative to the OCERS Board. As you know, workers are able to elect two member representatives to serve as Trustees on behalf of all of you. Since I was first elected to the Board in 2012, I have stood with you to protect your pension against attacks and unnecessary cost increases.

Equal pay for equal work in Orange County hospitals

August 18, 2018

Equal pay for equal work — it’s a pretty simple fairness doctrine that says no worker, no matter their gender, race or where they live should be paid anything but a fair and equitable wage for the work they do.

Will Orange County veterans finally get a local cemetery?

July 31, 2018

Orange County veterans have been fighting for a veterans cemetery here for almost 20 years. Sadly, they have recently also been used as pawns in a disgraceful political battle that parallels the mistreatment of returning Vietnam veterans.

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